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2022.12.15 Capital Electric Reaches Significant Milestone - Picture

Capital Electric Reaches Significant Milestone


CHARLESTON, S.C. — Sonepar USA, a subsidiary of the privately held Sonepar Group, announced Capital Electric has reached a milestone of $1 billion in sales. Founded in 1958, Capital Electric has grown to over 1,000 associates and 70 branches across seven states.

Capital Electric attributes its growth and success to a combination of strategic acquisitions, organic expansion, and a people first culture that is dedicated to always meeting the changing needs of its local customer base. Alan Rosenfeld, East Region President of Sonepar USA and former President of Capital Electric, said:

“There are many things I am proud of, like the people that fuel our great culture, our laser focus on investment and strategic growth, and our drive to make Capital Electric top-of-mind for every customer.”

In 2016, Capital Electric developed a five-year plan to reach the $1 billion mark. Rob Taylor said of the achievement:

“Hitting the goal is a great achievement for the Capital Electric team, and they have our full support. In the coming year, Sonepar is making a significant investment to build a new state of the art distribution center for Capital. We are all so happy for the associates and look forward to their continued growth and success.”